Transforming Birmingham

Birmingham has a bright future ahead with an ambitious transformation of the city centre and surrounding areas. 

Eastside City Park - one of the many new developments across Birmingham


Birmingham is the place to create, innovate and build the future. It is transforming into a world-class city. Launched in 2010, the Big City Plan began taking effect with a number of improvement projects across Birmingham city centre.

With the finish line for the project set at 2031, Birmingham is planning to grow its city core by a further 25% with focus on:

  • Improving the environment for pedestrians and cyclists across the city with 28km of new routes
  • Creating better public transport connectivity throughout the region and beyond
  • Over 5,000 new homes in neighbourhoods and communities to cope with the growing population
  • The creation of 50,000 new jobs across the centre and surrounding area
  • Supporting the individual characters of the city quarters to create a unique and diverse city
  • Integrating sustainable development to manage the impact on climate change

Now is the perfect time to relocate to Birmingham and take part in its transformation into a world-class city. Read on below to see what developments are still in the pipeline for Birmingham.

Key Facts

  • Greater Birmingham and Solihull region ranked 4th in the top 10 mid-sized European regions in terms of its economic potential
  • The Big City Plan redevelopment is the biggest of its kind in Europe
  • It is estimated that Birmingham's population will grow by 100,000 people by 2031.

Big City Plan 2031

Beginning in 2010, this masterplan is a strategic planning document that contains aims, goals and ideologies of how Birmingham is to expand into a world-class city over the next 20 years. The plan is split into three sections: the key issues and proposed actions, an overview of how the centre will develop over time and how the city will deliver these goals.

The document outlines seven diverse quarters that will undergo changes as part of the masterplan and breaks down the types of development into easy to read sections including Connectivity, Sustainability and Growth.
For full details on the plan, the document is available for download here.

Birmingham Development Plan

Alongside the Big City Plan, the Birmingham Development Plan (BDP) is an in-depth framework designed to help guide the new builds and developments across the city and surrounding area. Within the BDP is information on the challenges, solutions and constraints (e.g. planning permissions) to each individual area of Birmingham. If you are looking to relocate to a specific area you can view the document to see what improvements are being planned for your new location.

The plan also addresses how environmental issues such as the city's carbon footprint, flood risks and areas of historical significance will be managed and aligned to the city's improvement plan.

Full details of this plan can be found in the downloadable pre-submission here.

Economic Zones

There are six economic zones across the Birmingham region which offer a competitive advantage for incoming companies with each zone having a distinct specialism including:
- Manufacturing
- Enterprise
- Environmental enterprise
- Life sciences
- Food and drink
With a wide variety of companies relocating and setting up in Birmingham thanks to these areas, location and connectivity, it is the ideal time for further developing your career or start-up business in Birmingham.

High Speed 2

One of the most exciting developments in transport and connectivity in the UK - the High Speed 2 Network - is set to connect Birmingham with London as part of phase one. Beginning in 2017 and looking at completion in 2026, the new line will significantly reduce the journey time between both major cities and is expected to bring an additional 50,000 jobs to the West Midlands.

The Quarters

The Big City Plan has divided the city into seven quarters - each of which will build upon their individual characteristics and strengths. Leading up to 2031, each of these quarters will have their own proposed improvements and visions to create a diverse and cultural city. You can view the full details and visions of these areas on the Big City Plan viewable online here.

Recent Developments

New Street Station - a modern rail hub, this new station in the city core is helping to create thousands of jobs and accommodates 140,000 passengers each day.

Eastside City Park - The first urban park to open in Birmingham in over 125 years.

Moor Street Interchange - The new interchange in the city centre has been built to help improve the city's bus system.

Metro Extension - The Metro Line 1 runs from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, trams run regularly helping you to get quickly and easily around the city.

City Living

Birmingham City Centre accommodation has been enriched with the completion of a luxury apartment complex, One Five One, managed by Court Collaboration. Situated at 151 Great Charles Street, the historical building conversion comprises 11 spacious apartments.

Due for completion in early 2020, Court Collaboration and Top Capital Group combine to develop The Axium, a second complex comprising of 304 apartments located in the southside of Birmingham City Centre.