Nurseries and Preschool

There are a variety of centres and schools for early education years

Pre-school and Nursery Education


Families with young children have a wide choice of early education nurseries, pre-schools and nursery classes throughout the Birmingham region and surrounding areas. Read on below to discover what entitlements and facilities you and your family can benefit from.


Key Facts

  • Birmingham has 61 children's centres in the area, with a further 39 in the Warwickshire area for families with children under the age of 5
  • Worcestershire Council has named three nurseries that have achieved the Ofsted rating of "Outstanding"
  • In some situations, children as young as 2 may be eligible for free childcare

Birmingham and the Suburbs

If your child is between the age of 3-4 years old, Birmingham City Council can offer 38 weeks a year of free early years provisions as part of the early education entitlement (EEE). The providers of this free education in Birmingham include: day care nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups, nursery schools and classes*, childminders and independent schools. Admissions for local nursery schools and classes are not managed by Birmingham City Council, please contact the school you wish directly.

For more information on early years and childcare in Birmingham click here to find out more. Discover more about EEE and your entitlements here.

*Please note that referrals or free places at community day nurseries or full-time nurseries and classes will only be accepted for children that are resident in Birmingham.


Families with children aged three to four receive 15 hours of free childcare per week with a registered Ofsted childcare provider from the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (maximum of 570 hours a year). In certain circumstances, children as young as two may be eligible for the free childcare. Please check the council website for further details.

The Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has lists of Ofsted daycare providers, out of school clubs and registered childminders on their website. Information on each has been grouped into specific areas and neighbourhoods allowing you to find the closest childcare providers in your current or prospective location. Each list contains contact details, links, Ofsted ratings and costs for each provider helping you to make the right choice for your child.

You can now apply for nursery school places online through the council website.

Coventry and Warwickshire

The Warwickshire area has 39 children's centres that are run by a number of charities in the area, including Barnardos and The Parenting Project, which offer a range of health, education and help to families with children aged 0-5 years. These centres cover a wide area of Warwickshire even reaching as far as Studley, Rugby and Tamworth.

Coventry council offers free early years education of 570 hours a year for children after their 3rd birthday. This education can be provided by a private day nursery, independent school, pre-school or playgroup or a registered child minder.*

View more information regarding Warwickshire's Children's Centres here.

*Please note, you will be responsible for contacting your preferred nursery class or nursery school for your child.

The Black Country

Free childcare is offered in the maintained, private or voluntary sectors of early years education in the Dudley area. This can be in the form of local day nurseries, pre-schools or childminders as long as they are registered with the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Sandwell Council offers the same service of free 15 hours of education over 38 weeks. You can find out more about the list of early education providers by contacting the Family Information Service on 0121 569 4914.

Walsall Families Information Service allows children as young as 2 free education in certain Ofsted registered settings. Children aged 3-4 years receive the same early education entitlement.


Families with children aged 2-4 years can receive funding from the Worcestershire County Council depending on circumstances. The regular hours for early education entitlement apply (15 hours a week for 38 weeks) for families in the area starting on the child's third birthday.

The council has a section of their website that is dedicated to helping you choose the right kind of childcare for you in the Worcestershire area with information on Ofsted ratings, FAQs and contracts and payments. The information can be found on their website here.