Primary Schools

Birmingham and the surrounding areas offer a variety of school choices with a consistently high percentage of pupils being offered places to their preferred school.

Primary School Education


Online applications to primary schools are available making it even easier to apply. In addition, many of the pupils in the Birmingham area successfully enter their preferred school.

  • Children born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 can start school in September 2018
  • Open sessions are held at primary schools during October and November
  • Closing date for applications is 15 January 2018.

Read below to learn more about how and where to apply.

Key Facts

  • You can apply for a primary school placement online allowing you to receive your placement offers digitally rather than waiting for the letter to be posted
  • In 2014, 94% of reception class children in Birmingham were offered a place at one of their preferred schools

Birmingham and the Suburbs

Applying for a primary school in Birmingham has now been made even easier with the introduction of online applications since September 2015. Families with children entering primary school can now apply for a place at their preferred schools through and get their offers via email.

In 2014, 95% of the children in Birmingham starting in reception class were offered a place at their preferred school.

You can search schools individually on the council website.



The Solihull area has schools for both the two-tier and three-tier education systems. The two-tier system has primary schools and secondary schools. The three-tier system has infant school for three to seven, junior school at age seven to eleven and high school at age eleven to sixteen.

There is a total of 51 primary and infant schools in the Solihull area. Of these, there are nine that follow the Church of England and a total of eight Catholic faith schools. The Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has a list of the primary and infant schools in the Solihull area on their website. You can also use their online maps tool to view the catchment areas of your chosen school.

Families with children aged seven to eleven may want them to start at one of the many junior schools present throughout the Solihull area. A list of junior schools can be found on the council website.

You can now apply for infant and primary schools online through the council website. The website also has a help & advice page to support your search for a school and completion of the application process.

Coventry and Warwickshire

If you are looking to enter your child into a Warwickshire primary school, be prepared to provide proof of your address before the deadline for the Admissions Service. More information on the requirements and deadlines for primary school applicants can be found here.

Warwickshire Direct have compiled a map of the priority areas for infant and primary school admissions allowing you to see which school catchment area is the best for your child/children.

Coventry children had a 89.5% success rate of entering their first choice primary school in 2014 and schools are continuing to expand to meet higher success rates. For further information on individual Coventry Primary Schools and applications read the booklet.

The Black Country

There are 78 primary schools in the Dudley MBC area with over 25,000 pupils attending in 2015. New pupils who wish to enrol in their preferred primary school can now apply online here, though you can learn more about admissions on the DMBC website here.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council's website contains a comprehensive list of the primary schools in their area here which will help you decide the perfect school for your child.

If you are looking at Walsall as your next home, the Walsall Families Information Service have a wealth of information regarding applications and the schools on their website.


Families in Worcestershire can now apply for primary schools online making the process of application much easier. The Worcestershire County Council have also provided a search tool to help you discover schools in the area of your choice.

For further details on primary schools in Worcestershire, such as closures, term dates and school transport, click here