Secondary Schools

Beating many core cities in England in terms of GCSE results, Birmingham offers secondary school pupils a great transition into their adult lives with top-class education.

Secondary School Education


There are many options for secondary education in Birmingham with a range of schools, academies and bespoke colleges offering some outstanding results. Birmingham is also known as one of the top core cities for GCSE results between A*-C grades, beating the national average.

Similar to primary schools, families can now apply to their preferred secondary school online through their local council website. Read on below for more information of your local schools and application links.

Key Facts

  • You can apply for your preferred secondary school online allowing you to receive your placement offers one day ahead of notifications by post
  • Birmingham is the best performing core city for attaining English Baccalaureate (GCSEs in core subjects)

Birmingham and the Suburbs

Over 80 secondary schools and academies are within the Birmingham area with some fantastic GCSE scores that are above the national average. If you are moving to the area and your family is looking at secondary schools, many of the schools in the area host open days for you to visit. 

Birmingham City Council has a complete guide to applying, admissions, information and individual secondary schools criteria in their education booklet found here. It contains extensive information on all the secondary schools in the area allowing you to pick out the best place for your child's education. This includes information on grammar schools, 14-19 academies, faith schools and other specialist schools in the region.


The Solihull area consists of schools for both the two-tier and three-tier education systems. The two-tier system has primary then secondary school, with the three-tier consisting of infant school for three to seven, junior school at age seven to eleven and then high school.

Solihull has a total of 10 junior schools and 14 secondary schools in the area. Information on all of these schools, including contact and location details, can be found on the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council website. You can also use the online tool to view the catchment area of your chosen school.

There are two secondary schools in the area that follow the Catholic faith - John Henry Newman Catholic College and St Peter’s Catholic School and Specialist College. If you are looking to apply for either, please note that priority is usually given to children who have been baptised.

You can now apply for secondary schools online through the website.

Coventry and Warwickshire

There are 37 secondary schools in the Warwickshire area, with six grammar schools (both gender-specific and mixed). Families in Warwickshire can list up to six schools when they send their application for secondary schools, but should check the priority area of your choices on the council's priority map to get a better understanding of how successful your application will be. There is also a wealth of information on the Warwickshire County Council website that can help you through your applications.

Please note that when you are relocating, applications must have proof of address before they can be successfully permissible.

For information in applying to secondary schools in the Coventry area, please refer to their admissions page here.

The Black Country

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has collated a list of schools in the area which can be found on the website with further information on location, contact information and links to the specific school websites. There is also a list of frequently asked questions regarding school applications.

Sandwell has compiled a list of 17 secondary schools and academies in the area with the relevant details and Ofsted results for each.

Information on a further 17 Wolverhampton secondary schools can be found on the Wolverhampton City Council website.


Throughout Worcestershire there is a variety of schools which are part of a two or three tier system, depending on your area.

Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Evesham, Pershore and Redditch have First Schools for pupils aged four to eight years, Middle Schools for pupils aged eight - 12 and High Schools for pupils aged 12-18 years.

Children in Martley, Tenbury and Worcester City will have two-tier systems consisting of Primary Schools for pupils aged up to 11 and High Schools for pupils 11 years and over.

You can find which schools area near you and discover more information about school admissions through the Worcestershire County Council website.