Birmingham Dental Hospital

New £50m dental hospital and school of dentistry in Edgbaston

The new Birmingham Dental Hospital is based in Edgbaston in Pebble Mill


The newly developed 1.23-hectare site at Pebble Mill, Edgbaston is home to the new £50m four-storey dental hospital and school of dentistry for the University of Birmingham. It is the first dental hospital of its kind in the UK for nearly 40 years.

The new dental hospital offers a range of services for the public including walk-in emergency dental care, Restorative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry. It will also provide a learning environment for more than 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at the University of Birmingham.

Key Facts

  • A total of £50m went into the new 4-storey dental hospital and school of dentistry
  • The site where the hospital stands was formerly the BBC Pebble Mill studios
  • The School of Dentistry is ranked number one in the country for 4* and 3* research

The New Hospital

The new specially-built Birmingham Dental Hospital is based at Pebble Mill in Edgbaston adding to the already renowned Edgbaston Medical Quarter.

This £50m building offers the public with more dental services in the first wing with world-class research and development taking place in the second wing alongside the students at the School of Dentistry.

School of Dentistry

As part of the University of Birmingham, The School of Dentistry has over 120 students each year studying dental surgery, dental hygiene and therapy, and biomaterials. The school is also ranked first in the country for 4* and 3* research for dentistry. It is the fantastic facilities and reputation that make this the perfect establishment for postgraduates to take part in world-class research with leading global brands.

Students can study a variety of programmes including undergraduate degrees in Dental Surgery, Dental Hygiene and Therapy and Biomedical Materials. There are also Research Degrees for Biomaterials, Primary Dental Care and Tissue Injury and Repair.

NHS Dentists

If you are looking for a local dentist in your area, the NHS have a search function on their website which allows you to define dentists within a certain distance from an area or postcode. There are over 300 dental services within 10 miles of the city centre with a range of fee-paying and no-fee-paying surgeries.

You can also access further information about dentistry and the community orthodontic service from the Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust on their website.