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Bringing together local experts and enthusiasts, LIVE Birmingham magazine showcases the city’s lifestyle proposition.

LIVE Birmingham - The Birmingham Lifestyle Magazine


The LIVE Birmingham magazine provides a perfect introduction to the city and a great resource for finding something new and interesting to explore.

Local bloggers and experts have teamed up to bring you articles about the varied culinary delights, top fashion spots, legendary sports locations and everything else in between. There is also information on purchasing and renting property, provided by leading Birmingham property professionals.

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Key Facts

  • DineBirmingham, the food & drink bloggers, cover over 30 different cuisines on their website.
  • The "Green Spaces" article covers the favourite parks and gardens within Birmingham's 8,000 acres of open spaces.
  • The entertainment article covers all of the main venues in Birmingham including Arena Birmingham which hosts more World Championships than any other arena in Europe.