Browse the various reviews of our Familiarisation Events which showcase how beneficial they have been in helping those considering a move to Birmingham to see what the city has to offer from leisure to culture and property. 

There are also case studies on companies that have moved to Birmingham providing you with insight of successful company and staff relocations into the city.

Key Facts

  • Relocation Services has a range of tools to support companies and their staff. Examples include the Relocate Tool which enables an online property and education search based on your chosen criteria, and the Relocation Enquiries Service providing direct contact via email or phone with a member of the Relocation Services Team.

Familiarisation Events

Relocation Services offer Familiarisation Events providing an in depth tour of the area for those considering a move to the region. Take a look at the feedback we have received from events throughout 2016.

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HSBC Relocation

Global bank HSBC will be relocating the national head office of its ring-fenced bank, which will serve its personal and business customers, to Birmingham city centre.

Read the case study to understand more about the move and how the Relocation Services Team have provided support to the company and its staff.

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The Changing Face of Birmingham

GVA has undertaken a study into transformational change that has occurred in Birmingham over the last 10 years and the major developments that will drive its evolution over the next decade.

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