Birmingham has a diverse economy encompassing a broad range of manufacturing and service industries. With a huge range of niche and generic recruitment agencies servicing every industry in the city and commutable locations outside of the city, there are plenty of opportunities available. Alongside established financial and professional services, there is also a growing creative and digital industries sector in the region.

Manufacturing, the automotive industry in particular, remains important to the city and has been going from strength to strength in recent years. Emerging technologies are driving a steady growth of environmental industries and will over time represent an increasing part of the city's economy.


Key Facts

  • Birmingham has more businesses (45,000) than any other regional city
  • The West Midlands Region has over half a million workers in the city, more than anywhere outside London
  • There are more international companies in Birmingham than any other city outside of London

The Enterprise Zone

Spread throughout Birmingham City Centre are 26 enterprise zone sites offering companies and businesses growth opportunities and incentives as part of The Birmingham Development Plan.

Over the next 15 years the EZ aims to secure 1.3 million square miles of floorspace, 40,000 new private sector jobs and contribute £2.8 billion to the economy in GVA each year.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

Home to over 5,000 advanced engineering companies; the Birmingham region is a hub of advanced engineering activity.

With its investment in extensive advanced engineering sites, highly skilled workforce and a strong precision engineering pedigree, it is an ideal location for firms to operate, grow and carry out high value Research and Development.

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Business Consulting & Management

The city of Birmingham has the largest regional financial and professional services hub in the UK, employing nearly 95,500 people in over 8,400 companies. The city also has the one of the largest legal services clusters in Europe and the largest accountancy clusters outside London.

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Financial Services

There are 280,000 BPFS employees in the West Midlands Combined Authority worth £23 billion to the economy. With its great connectivity and world-class infrastructure, the West Midlands is becoming a leading destination for financial and professional services.


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A powerhouse for the Life Sciences industry, Birmingham combines extensive research and development facilities, strong collaboration between academia and business and is also one of Europe’s largest, most diverse and non-transient patient populations. With state-of-the-art clinical facilities and population scale and diversity; Birmingham is truly at the cutting edge of medical technology and global healthcare.

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Food & Drink

Birmingham hosts significant Food and Drink production activity with many world class brands based here alongside large quantities of smaller regional and local producers. Being at the centre of the national motorway network, Birmingham also offers an unparalleled logistical position as it is ideally suited for food distribution. Food technology and manufacturing expertise within the region's universities are also unrivalled such as the Food Innovation Facility at the University College Birmingham where product and recipe development takes place.

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IT, Design & Creative

Birmingham provides an exceptional technological infrastructure and an excellent supply of skills and talent which create a perfect ecosystem for creative agencies, games companies and global technology giants alike. With the presence of major players in the region and a young and diverse population, Birmingham is quickly becoming a tech hub for the future.

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Environment & Agriculture

Birmingham aims to become one of the world’s leading green cities. Already a leader in renewable energy, from low carbon fuels to waste management and bio-energy to solar photovoltaic, the city is progressing integrated transport infrastructure and the largest domestic retrofit programme in the UK; paving the way as a sustainable, future-proof city.

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